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Product Information Manager

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Product Information Manager platform.

Application features in this version

Web-based - created with .NET Core and MVC 5, in Microsoft Visual Studio 2015 and C#. Data access layer will be created using Entity Framework 6.0 on SQL Server.

Project and Task Management

The management module is a replacement of the old way based on emails to create and track information about matters, assignments to tasks, job details as well as department work flows.


The accounting module is a simple, easy to use application created to replace the old accounting system and to optimize the billing related processes.

Client Portal

Client portal will allow the client to participate in the data collection process as well as to get access to some of the financial information such as billing, history, customer statements etc.

Relativity Integration

Integration with the Relativity Platform rich set of APIs will enhance the functionality of the system by creating customized components and features that meet the specific e-discovery needs of the business.

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